1. 07- Not Alone

From the recording CHAPTER 1: Full Circle


Not Alone Lyrics 2023 © Sara Phelan

I want to know your spirit, I want to feel your presence, when I walk into a room
You’re with me now
You’re in the morning sunlight, and in the starry moonlight, and my garden in the rain
For everywhere I go I need to know that your love still shines in me
For I don’t want to be alone, without you
No I don’t want to be alone

I’m sorry for the sadness, the situation of this madness, is how it just must be
‘Till you are free
Too many of us crying, too many people dying, from a world we only know
So may you find some grace, in this odd place, from a source that’s purely love
So you don’t have to be alone, and I don’t have to be alone

For a stranger held you in the night, and said we love you oh my dear
Oh she touches you, and she holds your hand
And she helps us now in how to understand
That you are really not alone, no you are really not alone

So hear my prayer, and lift us from despair, and hold us in your care
For in the silence of your mind there is not space or time
And in the silence you will find a peace that’s so divine
And a love that never ends for thee
And a love that never ends,
So you don’t have to be alone
And I don’t have to be alone